Alis'velanore of House Belore'Alah

Elf of tainted blood.


Alis’Velanore of House Belore’Alah roughly translates as:
Snake Traveler of House Starlight
Most lesser beings simply name him Alis – or those who wish to bring his wrath, Alice.


It’s another peaceful day in the bright forests of Belore’Alah – all save one tiny detail. A dread curse has hung over House Belore’Alah for near a hundred years – a serpent clutched to the chest waiting to strike or so some would like to say. A cursed child birthed of murder and blood that will one day end the House of Belore and scatter the Elves of those forests to the winds.

Somewhere deep in the veridant forests of the Belore elves – two youths play.

UNCLE WAIT! huff huff”

“Hahaha…ha weew. Alis, it never ceases to amazing me how slow you are – your twice my age! Its shameful hahah.”

“Well little Nu, maybe I thought it would be shameful to leave my future lord nothing but dust and twigs in my wake!”

“O, hahah now you’ve asked for it!”

“Bhaa I should not have even left you twigs! Oww!”

Spring is a time of joy and freedom – but no peace can not last forever

“Grandfather, I have come before your summons ::knells::”

“Yes Alis I thank you for coming so quickly – I have something ::humm:: delicate to speak to you about.”

“Its not about Nu is it, I try to be gentle with him Grandfather but he is a boy full of life…”

“No no – I am glad for the friendship you have shown my son all these years. Though I am sad to say that will be coming to an end.”


“Prince Nu will soon be old enough to take the Crown of Alah – yet when I step down, I am sad to say, you could become a dire threat.”

“Grandfather! I love Nu, he is my only friend in Belor—-”

“Hush hush child, I do not mean you are a threat but that you being here is a threat. You are the child of my deceased first born and far older than Nu. I trust my people, but others may seek to use you as a tool against the throne.”

“I won’t listen to them! I am loyal to you and Nu. I don’t want to be alone – please please don’t send me away!”

The wise and stern Lord Ar’eruil softens and steps down from the throne to embarrass the crying man

“I know child I know – but we elves live a long time and it is not forever. I have many good centuries left and when Nu holds the throne firmly you shall return to us. In the mean time see these travels as your own Za’nalmil

Za’nalmil… but that tradition ended with my father. He died on his promise journey”

“Yes Alis, he died in the steaming south and it is time you learned that story”

Alis'velanore of House Belore'Alah

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