Alric of Maplebank

Fighter/Defender for those he travels with. And food and shelter don't hurt either


“How many goblins?” Sigh “Get behind me.”


Alric of Maplebank lived a fairly simple life in the small village of Maplebank. His father, Hector, was a patrol man for the local militia and his mother, Tessa, was a nurse. So along with his father’s teachings of learning to protect his own life his mother taught him to help preserve others’ lives. This went on for many years, training and teaching crammed into Alric’s brain until it was second nature for him. When Alric was but twelve years of age, Maplebank was attacked by a goblin war-band. Metal clashed against metal, the fight went on for what seemed an eternity. During the fight Alric, despite his years of training….froze up. He watched in horror as the goblins descended upon the village. Luckily, Maplebank had its militia to protect it from such an attack. Alric was shaken out of his state when his mother grabbed him and shook him, “Alric! We have to help the wounded NOW!” Alric looked to her and nodded his head as he fell to his knees beside a fallen militia man and started to help stabilize him. Alric and Tessa continued their work for a good while until they heard something in the battlefield, goblin dog mounts. The vicious hounds tore through some of the militia and helped their riders enter the town. One of the riders who broke through the militia’s defense a intimidating looking goblin holding a crude, but vicious, looking spear. The goblin met Alric’s eyes…and he charged him and his mother! Alric stood there, watching the goblin get closer and closer…but over the goblin mount’s footfalls he heard one thing, his father scream as he dove in the way between the goblin and his family. Hector’s shield held off most of the attack, until the shield snapped in half that is. The spear rammed through his father’s arm as Alric was splashed with his father’s blood. The goblin stopped his mount just short of Alric and Tessa, he just sneered at the two frightened humans. But before he could even lift his spear to strike, an arrow found itself right above the goblin’s left eye…the rest of the militia had come to help. The goblin cursed as it snapped the arrow out of its head and did something no one expected, it spoke in common. “Hssshhh, I’ll be back for you humanss,” it spoke as it steered its mount out of the town along with the half remaining of his war-band. The battle was over, only a third of the militia died…but some were seriously injured, like Hector. As his father bled onto the dirt road of Maplebank he grabbed Alric’s arm, “Well son…it looks like you’ll be needing to help out our town sooner than I thought,” Hector said with a smirk, trying to cover his pain.

A decade has past

After the attack, Alric became a member of the Maplebank Militia. At first he was clumsy due to his size…but then he became better, almost the best (Alric already knew that his father was the best). Alric quickly gained a spot as a patrol man in the militia as well as a trainer for new recruits. Shortly after Alric’s twentieth name day, his father lost his bad arm due to an infection during a patrol, his father thought nothing of it but Alric knew right then that the town was down a good defender. After Hector lost his arm, Alric stepped up his progress in the militia to help protect it as much as he could, from negotiating with bandits to fighting them. After several encounters with him, the bandits deciding to go after an easier town. Maplebank experienced a peace for almost three years….until the goblins came back.

Alric awoke to the smell of burning buildings and townsfolk screaming. He reacted without hesitation, he grabbed his weapons and donned his armor as he stepped into the battlefield. Goblins were everywhere! Most have been three or four war-bands worth. The goblins’ hounds howled through the town as they killed the villagers and militia. At the lead of the goblins rode a much bigger goblin upon a vicious looking war-mount…the goblin had an eye patch over its left eye! The goblin warlord spotted Alric within a second, and commanded his troops to slay him. Alric drew his blades and readied himself for the battle to come, but was stopped as Hector came out of the house, sword in hand along with his militia armor. Alric tried to pursued his father to flee the village while he stayed, but Hector refused and told Alric to do the fleeing instead. “Son, these old bones have seen a long and eventful life…now all I want to do is protect my home from these damned little wretches!” And with that, Hector charged into the goblin masses and fought not only for his life, but for his village and family. As Hector and the remainder of the militia fought off the goblins, Alric gathered most of the villagers and fled the village. Tessa refused to leave Hector and the village, with a heart felt goodbye and a tear in her eye, she left her son to be with her husband…and a most likely grave ending.

The journey was not a pleasant one for Alric and the villagers, food was scarce and emotions were high. Most of the villagers left the caravan after the first day or so to go to nearby villages for either family or just convenience. Alric was determined to get most of the villagers as far away from the goblins as possible. As he traveled, Alric warned villages and travelers of the goblin attack, hoping that it will never happen again. Eventually all of the villagers left the caravan leaving Alric alone. Since that, Alric has been staying at a local Inn, taking any job he can in hopes of earning enough money to buy a decent number of men to help take back his village or at least wipe away the goblin threat…

Alric of Maplebank

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