Ar'eruil of House Belore'Alah

King of the Belore Elves


Ar’eruil of House Belore’Alah roughly translates as:
Golden King of House Starlight
To the elves of Belore he is the greatest king in memory.


The Fallen Heir

“Your father traveled on his Za’nalmil for twenty years – rekindling the ties of peace with each of the great nations to the west and north and east. He has written me letters of all the interesting people he had met on his journey and only the last leg was left – to travel south and gaze upon the emptiness of the Sea of Steam. Your father knew all have made the King’s Promise back to its founder King Sha’lon Alah – the founder of our house.

None of us knew the vile snake people had arisen in the south since my Za’nalmil twelve hundred years before. What you do not know is that your mother is a vile witch of their people and stalked and hunted your father as he made his way through the swamps. She caught him and forced herself upon him. In the throes of passion she slit his throat and freed ::gestures back at Rana’amarth:: that monster from its prison. Our greatest sages studied it for over two decades but in the end it could not be banished without your death. Your mother left us thing other than you grandson ::King Ar’eruil reaches behind the throne and brings forth a rolled leather scroll:: she left us this. A prophesy that you would break the house and bring all our people for ruin writ upon my own sons flesh ::the king throws it upon the floor in disgust::. I won’t let her win child, even she can not poison the love I have for my son or you. We will be together again."

Ar'eruil of House Belore'Alah

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