A Rouge with an interest in the arcane


“The Headmaster will see you now.”

I rise from the chair where I’ve been waiting for the last hour, nod my thanks to the secretary and enter the dimly lit room that serves as the Headmaster’s office. He sits facing away from the door, silent. I sit down opposite the desk and after a few moments, “You asked to see me, sir?”

Without turning to face me, “You’ve been brought here because you caught the eyes of our recruiters with your ability to…stay unnoticed…at least by those who aren’t trained specifically to see that which wants to remain unseen. We think you have to potential to help your country with your skills…”

I snort derisively “Why would I be willing to support them? They didn’t seem to care about those of us in Mandel with the murders happened, didn’t care when Cerin, one of the more promising mage candidates was slain in the middle of the night despite the global cry for more magic users to ‘support your country’. They barely sent a token force…and most of them spent more time deriding his heritage than trying to uncover what happened to him.”

“Yes…the death of your half elfin friend…” the Headmaster intoned “Which is why you shifted your focus from studies of the arcane, which you continued despite your negligible aptitude for controlling the arcane energies, and began learning the skills that brought you here. Because you felt someone should try to discover the truth.”

Warily, I lean back in my chair. “You seem awfully well informed about me.”

“Knowledge is paramount in this world. Gaining as much as you can while only revealing that is necessary is the key to surviving and growing.”

I shift in my chair, finally able to catch a distorted reflection of the Headmaster’s face via a golden plaque on the far wall. “So I’m guessing, then, I’m not going to get a name to put with your aged face, receding hair line and scar on near your right eye?”

The Headmaster chuckles. “You are as good as the scouts says…and no…my name is one of many secrets I keep from the world.”

“So I’ll ask again, since you haven’t really answered me….why should I be willing to help you and the country that turned its back on my town in its hour of need?”

“Because, Kelthas, I can grant you the skills you need so that you can be the one to avenge those wrongs…and the wrongs that happen elsewhere as well. We are few in number…but as our numbers grow…we can begin fixing the wrongs that the common guards and investigators cannot…or choose not to.”

“So why wasn’t there someone in Mandel?”

“But there was….how do you think we found you?”

Kelthas grew up in the small town of Mandel. His dream in life was to be a great mage. Sadly for him, his inherent magical aptitude was negligible at best. Still, his interest in the arcane arts led him to become close friends with Cerin, a half elf who possessed a great amount of raw arcane power. Kelthas would spend hours watching Cerin practice, and probably knows more about the arcane arts than anyone not officially trained in it for his age.
Around the time Kelthas was 18, Cerin was invited to become the apprentice of Elf mage Charmon. The day before he was meant to leave, though, Cerin was found slain in a field with a variety of wounds. The town asked for a group to come investigate the slaying, and during the time it took the team to arrive in Mandel, 12 others in the town died, all half breeds of some sort. The investigation team came, but when they learned the primary focus of their investigation was to be these half humans, they generally ignored the case.

Kelthas tried to contact Charmon to ask for his assistance, but the elf mage had disappeared. Determined, Kelthas began trying to investigate the deaths himself, relying on stealth skills built from years of sneaking into Cerin’s lessons. His investigation attracted the attention of Kern’s school of Investigators, where he was admitted into a program designed to turn him into a successful infiltrator.

Having just completed his core training, he has been assigned a mission to help collect 4 pieces of a missing religious staff. It is his hope that his work will earn him enough renown so that he can once again pick up the threads of his investigation into Cerin’s death.


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